"Indisputably hilarious and terrific!" - Next Magazine

Do Re Mi

"Daniel, expertly mixing affection and skepticism in Kay, has a huge Act Two number, 'Adventure.' She belts it out of the park! One doubts even the great (Nancy) Walker, for whom the part was written, could have done much better."
- Marc Miller, NY Theatre Guide

"Blown away by the brilliant comic timing and knock-out singing of Laura Daniel." - Michael Small (The It Girl)

Jerome Kern's "Roberta"

"Laura Daniel deserves a special award for Bitchiest bitch this side of the Bitchissippi! - Amazon

"Laura Daniel rates a bouquet for her purring, creamy-toned, absolutely despicable Sophie. With this much class and skill, Roberta soars as a worthy musical comedy." - Cast Album Reviews

"The audience is entertained by a bevy of famous women, resulting in
a devilishly good time!" - The Huffington Post

"One of the best depictions in the show is Laura Daniel's Judy Garland.
She nails the impression and delivers a great song."

- Amber Silverman, Show Business Weekly

"I thought for a moment that Judy Garland was actually making her 'come-back' appearance. Exceptional!"
- Rhea Lehman

"An artist to watch - with presence, poise and pizzazz."
- Roberta on the Arts

"As the cunningly ditsy and lovelorn niece of a corrupt judge,Laura Daniel demonstrates the fearless goofiness and over-the-top physicality needed to make screwball comedy work. She shows off each of these attributes to perfect comic effect, crafting the play's standout performance."
- Joseph Pisano, EDGE

"Laura Daniel drips drawleyfemininity in Dan Wackerman's swift and snappy production...Brash and terrific!"
- Michael Dale, BroadwayWorld

"Laura Daniel had the best grip on her role as Barbara Webster, the fawning steel magnolia." - Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp

"Laura Daniel imbues the perniciously determined Southern belle, Barbara, with qualities that bring to mind both a pit-bull and Pekinese." - Andy Propst, TheaterMania

The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun

"So wrong its right...." - Variety

"A nimble cast, notably Laura Daniel in the title role."
- Elisabeth Vincentelli, Time Out NY

"Laura Daniel is perfect as Sister Smile... and gets into the nutty spirit of the campiest show in town....that is surprisingly touching."
- William Stevenson, Broadway.com

"Laura Daniel creates a charming figure as Jeanine…better known as
The Singing Nun. Her singing is marvelous and she captures the gentle sweetness of that little ditty of a tune called 'Dominique.' Under the glasses and unbecoming habit, one suspects that a very attractive actress can be found.” - Joseph F. Panarello, BroadwayWorld

"Sister Smile is wonderfully played by Laura Daniel...sweet and heartfelt... with the most irreverent, off the wall sense of humor which beautifully adds to the hilarity on stage." 
-  Oscar E. Moore, TalkEntertainment.coom

Lucky Stiff

"Laura Daniel keeps the audience roaring with powerhouse vocals and a gift for broad comedy." - John Kenrick,musicals101.com

"As the gun-toting Rita, Laura Daniel is truly outstanding. She sings, struts, shoots, plots, plans, and performs with a Brooklyn accent befitting a gangster's main squeeze." - Cliff Kadsen, Queen's Courier

"She had me on the floor laughing every time she opened her mouth, and she can sing like nobody's business!" - BostonBuzz, TalkinBroadway.com

"Laura Daniel makes the best brassy dame." - Mark Wood, Backstage East

"Darkly comic... especially Laura Daniel, who lends expert support..."
- Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

"Laura Daniel is in-your-face hilarious as the tough-talking Rita LaPorta."
- Sue Merrell, Grand Rapids Press